Sadboy Mango Blood e-juice sets a new standard for the blood you want pumping through your heart and out your arteries. Like a transfusion received from the tropics, you’ll feel injected with vacation vibes. If you like yourself better when you’re on the beach, this is like making yourself a tiny part of this brightening fruit. Most mango e-juice doesn’t quite make the mark, but this one knocks the red guy right out of the tree with precision. Wanderlust isn’t something you can fight, so set yourself up for success with this golden blood and let your life become the adventure. You can’t start your journey if you don’t prepare yourself with the right mindset. Always be two hours away from hopping on a plane when you vape this spectacular fruit.


  • 60ML
  • 70VG|30PG
  • Chubby Gorilla Bottle


Please leave a note if you are wanting more nicotine strength added to your order.